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Social Services Abstracts - Current Serials Source List

1304 serials are currently (2005) monitored for inclusion in CSA Social Services Abstracts. Each publication monitored receives a level-of-coverage rating based on the scope of the material included.

Core journals are published by social work associations, groups, faculties, and institutions, and/or have the term "social work" in their titles. All substantive articles appearing in these journals are abstracted and indexed, and citations are provided to the book reviews published therein.
Priority journals are drawn from related social sciences, eg, counseling, gerontology, medicine, psychology, sociology, that consistently address topics of social work relevance, and in which social workers regularly publish. More than 50% of the substantive articles appearing in these journals are selected for coverage.
Selective sources include journals from related social sciences that occasionally publish works by social workers. Less than 50% of the substantive articles appearing in these journals are covered.

For further information on serials coverage policies in CSA Social Services Abstracts, or to recommend titles for coverage, please contact Tyrone Nagai at

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Acta Criminologica, 1012-8093, Selective
Acta Politica, 0001-6810, Selective
Acta Scientiarum: Human and Social Sciences, 1679-7361, Selective
Acta Sociologica, 0001-6993, Selective
Acta Sociologica, 0186-6028, Selective
Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales, 0335-5322, Selective
Action Research, 1476-7503, Selective
Activities, Adaptation and Aging, 0192-4788, Selective
Addiction, 0965-2140, Selective
Addiction Research & Theory, 1606-6359, Selective
Addiktologia, 1589-0317, Priority
Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 0894-587X, Selective
Administration in Social Work, 0364-3107, Core
Administration & Society, 0095-3997, Selective
Administrative Science Quarterly, 0001-8392, Selective
Adolescence, 0001-8449, Priority
Adoption & Fostering, 0308-5759, Priority
Adoption Quarterly, 1092-6755, Priority
Advances in Gender Research, 1529-2126, Selective
Advances in Group Processes, 0882-6145, Selective
Advances in Medical Sociology, 1057-6290, Selective
Advances in Social Work, 1527-8565, Core
Affilia, 0886-1099, Core
African Affairs, 0001-9909, Selective
African and Asian Studies, 1569-2094, Selective
African Journal of AIDS Research, 1608-5906, Priority
African Journal of Social Work, 1563-3934, Core
African Sociological Review/Revue Africaine de Sociologie, 1027-4332, Selective
Ageing International, 0163-5158, Selective
Ageing & Society, 0144-686X, Priority
Aging & Mental Health, 1360-7863, Selective
AIDS, 0269-9370, Selective
AIDS and Behavior, 1090-7165, Priority
AIDS Care, 0954-0121, Selective
AIDS Education and Prevention, 0899-9546, Priority
AIDS & Public Policy Journal, 0087-3852, Priority
Alcance, 1413-2591, Selective
Alcohol and Alcoholism, 0735-0414, Selective
Alcoholism, 0002-502X, Selective
Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 0734-7324, Priority
Alteridades, 0188-7017, Selective
Alternate Routes, 0702-8865, Selective
Alternatives, 0304-3754, Selective
Ambiente & Sociedade, 1414-753X, Selective
Amerasia Journal, 0044-7471, Selective
American Behavioral Scientist, 0002-7642, Selective
American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 0161-6463, Selective
American Journal of Community Psychology, 0091-0562, Priority
American Journal of Criminal Justice, 1066-2316, Selective
The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 0095-2990, Priority
The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 0002-9246, Selective
American Journal of Evaluation, 1098-2140, Selective
The American Journal of Family Therapy, 0192-6187, Priority
American Journal of Health Behavior, 1087-3244, Selective
American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, 0742-6763, Selective
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 0002-9432, Core
American Journal of Political Science, 0092-5853, Selective
American Journal of Psychotherapy, 0002-9564, Selective
American Journal of Sociology, 0002-9602, Selective
American Politics Research, 1532-673X, Selective
American Sociological Review, 0003-1224, Selective
The American Sociologist, 0003-1232, Selective
Analise Social, 0003-2573, Selective
Analisis Politico, 0121-4705, Selective
Analyse & Kritik, 0171-5860, Selective
Anarchist Studies, 0967-3393, Selective
Angelaki, 0969-725X, Selective
Angewandte Sozialforschung, 0587-5234, Selective
Annales, 0395-2649, Selective
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 0002-7162, Selective
Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association, 1535-4075, Selective
L'Annee sociologique, 0066-2399, Selective
Annual Review of Anthropology, 0084-6570, Selective
Annual Review of Political Science, 1094-2939, Selective
Annual Review of Public Health, 0163-7525, Selective
Annual Review of Sociology, 0360-0572, Selective
Anthropologica, 0003-5459, Selective
Anthropological Journal on European Cultures, 0960-0604, Selective
Anthropological Quarterly, 0003-5491, Selective
Anthropological Theory, 1463-4996, Selective
Anthropologie et Societes, 0702-8997, Selective
Anthropology & Medicine, 1364-8470, Selective
Anthropology Today, 0268-540X, Selective
Anthropos, 0587-5161, Selective
ANTHROPOS, 0257-9774, Selective
Antipode, 0066-4812, Selective
Archives Europeennes de Sociologie/European Journal of Sociology, 0003-9756, Selective
Archives de sciences sociales des religions, 0335-5985, Selective
Archives of Sexual Behavior, 0004-0002, Selective
Arete, 0363-2903, Core
Armed Forces & Society, 0095-327X, Selective
Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work, 0218-5385, Core
Asian and African Studies, 1335-1257, Selective
Asian Ethnicity, 1463-1369, Selective
Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 1367-2223, Selective
Asian Journal of Social Science, 1568-4849, Selective
Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 0117-1968, Selective
Asian Perspective, 0258-9184, Selective
Asian Studies Review, 1035-7823, Selective
Australasian Journal on Ageing, 1440-6381, Priority
Australian Feminist Studies, 0816-4649, Selective
The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 1035-8811, Selective
Australian Journal of Political Science, 1036-1146, Selective
Australian Journal of Politics and History, 0004-9522, Selective
Australian Journal of Primary Health, 1448-7527, Selective
Australian Journal on Volunteering, 1325-8362, Selective
The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 0004-8658, Selective
The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 0814-723X, Priority
Australian Social Work, 0312-407X, Core

BarBaroi, 0104-6578, Selective
Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 0197-3533, Selective
Behavior Modification, 0145-4455, Selective
Berkeley Journal of Sociology, 0067-5830, Selective
Berliner Journal fur Soziologie, 0863-1808, Selective
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, 0006-2294, Selective
Bioethics, 0269-9702, Selective
BMS, Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique, 0759-1063, Selective
Body & Society, 1357-034X, Selective
British Journal of Criminology, 0007-0955, Selective
British Journal of Educational Studies, 0007-1005, Selective
British Journal of Political Science, 0007-1234, Selective
British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 1369-1481, Selective
British Journal of Psychology, 0007-1269, Selective
British Journal of Social Psychology, 0144-6665, Selective
The British Journal of Social Work, 0045-3102, Core
British Journal of Sociology, 0007-1315, Selective
British Journal of Sociology of Education, 0142-5692, Selective
Buffalo Law Review, 0023-9356, Selective
Bulletin of Latin American Research, 0261-3050, Selective
Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, 0270-4676, Selective
Business & Society, 0007-6503, Selective

Caderno CRH, 0103-4979, Selective
Cadernos de Ciencias Sociais, 0104-0782, Selective
Cadernos pagu, 0104-8333, Selective
Cadernos de Saude Publica, 0102-311X, Selective
Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines, 0008-0055, Selective
Cahiers Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale, 0777-0707, Selective
Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie, 0008-0276, Selective
Cahiers quebecois de demographie, 0380-1721, Selective
Cahiers de recherche sociologique, 0831-1048, Selective
Cahiers de Sociologie Economique et Culturelle, 0761-9871, Selective
Canadian Ethnic Studies/Etudes Ethniques au Canada, 0008-3496, Selective
The Canadian Historical Review, 0008-3755, Selective
Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue Canadienne du Vieillissement, 0714-9808, Priority
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement, 0008-400X, Selective
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice penale,
1707-7753, Selective
Canadian Journal of Family Law/Revue Canadienne de Droit Familial, 0704-1225, Selective
Canadian Journal of Law and Society/Revue canadienne droit et societe, 0829-3201, Selective
Canadian Journal of Political Science/Revue canadienne de science politique, 0008-4239, Selective
The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation/La Revue canadienne d'evaluation de programme, 0834-1516, Selective
Canadian Journal of Sociology/Cahiers canadiens de sociologie, 0318-6431, Selective
Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 1188-3774, Selective
Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques, 0317-0861, Priority
The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology/La Revue Canadienne de Sociologie et d'Anthropologie, 0008-4948,
Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism/Revue Canadienne des Etudes sur le Nationalisme, 0317-7904, Selective
Canadian Social Work, 1488-0318, Core
Canadian Social Work Review/Revue canadienne de service social, 0820-909X, Core
Canadian Studies in Population, 0380-1489, Selective
Capital & Class, 0309-8168, Selective
Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, 1045-5752, Selective
Care Management Journals, 1521-0987, Priority
Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Social Psychology, 1025-5591, Selective
Caribbean Journal of Social Work, 0799-1215, Core
Cayapa. Revista Venezolana de Economia Social, 1317-5734, Selective
Central Asian Survey, 0263-4937, Selective
Challenge: A Journal of Research on African American Men, 1077-193X, Selective
Chicago Policy Review, 1093-8990, Selective
Child Abuse & Neglect, 0145-2134, Priority
Child Abuse Review, 0952-9136, Priority
Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 0738-0151, Core
Child Care in Practice, 1357-5279, Core
Child & Family, 1206-3177, Priority
Child & Family Behavior Therapy, 0731-7107, Selective
Child and Family Social Work, 1356-7500, Core
Child Maltreatment, 1077-5595, Priority
Child Welfare, 0009-4021, Core
Child & Youth Care Forum, 1053-1890, Priority
Child and Youth Services, 0145-935X, Priority
Childhood, 0907-5682, Selective
Children & Schools, 1532-8759, Core
Children & Society, 0951-0605, Priority
Children and Youth Services Review, 0190-7409, Core
Children's Voice, 1057-736X, Selective
Children, Youth and Environments, 1546-2250, Selective
The China Quarterly, 0305-7410, Selective
China Report, 0009-4455, Selective
Ciencia & Saude Coletiva, 1413-8123, Selective
Ciencia, Docencia y Technologia, 0327-5566, Selective
Cities, 0264-2751, Selective
Citizenship Studies, 1362-1025, Selective
Clinical Gerontologist, 0731-7115, Priority
Clinical Social Work Journal, 0091-1674, Core
The Clinical Supervisor, 0732-5223, Priority
Collegium Antropologicum, 0350-6134, Selective
Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 1466-2043, Selective
Communal/Plural, 1320-7873, Selective
Communication Monographs, 0363-7751, Selective
Communication Quarterly, 0146-3373, Selective
Communication Research, 0093-6502, Selective
Communication Research Reports, 0882-4096, Selective
Communication Review, 1071-4421, Selective
Communication Studies, 0008-9575, Selective
Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, 0341-2059, Selective
Community Development Journal, 0010-3802, Selective
Community Mental Health Journal, 0010-3853, Selective
Community, Work & Family, 1366-8803, Selective
Comparative Education, 0305-0068, Selective
Comparative Education Review, 0010-4086, Selective
Comparative Political Studies, 0010-4140, Selective
Comparative Social Research, 1095-6310, Selective
Comparative Sociology, 1569-1322, Selective
Comparative Studies in Society and History, 0010-4175, Selective
Comparative Urban and Community Research, 0892-5569, Selective
Computers in Human Behavior, 0747-5632, Selective
Concepts and Transformation, 1384-6639, Selective
Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 1536-5581, Selective
Constellations, 1351-0487, Selective
Contemporary Family Therapy, 0892-2764, Priority
Contemporary Gerontology, 1069-0840, Selective
Contemporary Jewry, 0147-1694, Selective
The Contemporary Pacific, 1043-898X, Selective
Contemporary Politics, 1356-9775, Selective
Contemporary Security Policy, 1352-3260, Selective
Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews, 0094-3061, Selective
Contemporary Southeast Asia, 0129-797X, Selective
Continuity and Change, 0268-4160, Selective
Contributions to Indian Sociology, 0069-9667, Selective
Convergencia, 1405-1435, Selective
Cooperation and Conflict, 0010-8367, Selective
Counseling and Clinical Psychology Journal, 1545-4452, Selective
Crime & Delinquency, 0011-1287, Selective
Crime and Justice, 0192-3234, Selective
Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal, 1460-3780, Selective
Crime, Law and Social Change, 0925-4994, Selective
Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 0957-9664, Selective
Criminal Justice and Behavior, 0093-8548, Selective
Criminal Justice Review, 0734-0168, Selective
Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society, 1478-601X, Selective
Criminologie, 0316-0041, Selective
Criminology, 0011-1384, Selective
La Critica Sociologica, 0011-1546, Selective
Critical Horizons, 1440-9917, Selective
Critical Public Health, 0958-1596, Priority
Critical Review, 0891-3811, Selective
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP), 1369-8230, Selective
Critical Social Policy, 0261-0183, Priority
Critical Sociology, 0896-9205, Selective
Critical Studies, 0923-411X, Selective
Critical Studies in Media Communication, 0739-3180, Selective
Critique of Anthropology, 0308-275X, Selective
Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies, 1066-9922, Selective
Cross-Cultural Research, 1069-3971, Selective
Crossroads, 0741-2037, Selective
Cuadernos de Trabajo Social, 0214-0314, Core
Cuicuilco, 1405-7778, Selective
Cultural Critique, 0882-4371, Selective
Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 1099-9809, Priority
Cultural Dynamics, 0921-3740, Selective
Cultural Studies, 0950-2386, Selective
Cultural Studies: A Research Volume, Selective
Culture & Psychology, 1354-067X, Selective
Culture, Health & Sexuality, 1369-1058, Selective
Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 0165-005X, Selective
Cultures et Conflits, 1157-996X, Selective
curare, 0344-8622, Selective
Current Anthropology, 0011-3204, Selective
Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 0278-1204, Selective
Current Research on Occupations and Professions, Selective
Current Research in Social Psychology, 1088-7423, Selective
Current Sociology, 0011-3921, Selective
The Cyprus Review, 1015-2881, Selective

Dados, 0011-5258, Selective
Daedalus, 0011-5266, Selective
Dansk Sociologi, 0905-5908, Selective
Death Studies, 0748-1187, Selective
Dementia, 1471-3012, Selective
Democracy & Nature, 1085-5661, Selective
Demography, 0070-3370, Selective
DemoS, 0187-7550, Selective
Desarrollo Economico, 0046-001X, Selective
Development, 1011-6370, Selective
Development Policy Review, 0950-6764, Selective
Development in Practice, 0961-4524, Selective
Deviance et Societe, 0378-7931, Selective
Deviant Behavior, 0163-9625, Selective
Dialectical Anthropology, 0304-4092, Selective
Diaspora, 1044-2057, Selective
Differences, 1040-7391, Selective
Disability & Society, 0968-7599, Priority
Disasters, 0361-3666, Selective
Discourse, 0159-6306, Selective
Discourse & Society, 0957-9265, Selective
Discourse Studies, 1461-4456, Selective
DISKURS, 0937-9614, Selective
Dispositio/n, 0734-0591, Selective
Dissent, 0012-3846, Selective
Dissertation Abstracts International, A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 0419-4209, Selective
Dissertation Abstracts International, C: Worldwide, 1042-7279, Selective
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 0376-8716, Selective
Drug and Alcohol Review, 0959-5236, Selective
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 0968-7637, Selective
Drustvena Istrazivanja, 1330-0288, Selective
Druzboslovne Razprave, 0352-3608, Selective
Durkheimian Studies/Etudes durkheimiennes, 1362-024X, Selective
Dve domovini / Two Homelands, 0353-6777, Selective

Eastern European Countryside, 1232-8855, Selective
Eating Disorders, 1064-0266, Selective
eCommunity: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, 1705-4583, Selective
Economic Development and Cultural Change, 0013-0079, Selective
Economic Development Quarterly, 0891-2424, Selective
The Economic History Review, 0013-0117, Selective
Economic and Industrial Democracy, 0143-831X, Selective
Economie et Solidarites, 0712-2748, Selective
Economy and Society, 0308-5147, Selective
Educacao e Pesquisa, 1517-9702, Selective
Education et Societes, 1373-847X, Selective
Education and Society, 0726-2655, Selective
Education and Urban Society, 0013-1245, Selective
Educational Policy, 0895-9048, Selective
Educational Studies, 0305-5698, Selective
Electronic Journal of Social Work, 1537-422X, Priority
Electronic Journal of Sociology, 1198-3655, Selective
Employee Assistance Quarterly, 0749-0003, Priority
Encounters, 1358-5770, Selective
Environment & Behavior, 0013-9165, Selective
Environment & Urbanization, 0956-2478, Selective
Environmental Politics, 0964-4016, Selective
Espacio abierto, 1315-0006, Selective
Espiral: Estudios sobre Estado y Sociedad, 1665-0565, Selective
Estudios Centroamericanos, 0014-1445, Selective
Estudios Filosoficos, 0210-6086, Selective
Estudios Latinoamericanos, 0187-1811, Selective
Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos, 0326-7458, Selective
Estudios Politicos, 0185-1616, Selective
Estudios sobre las culturas contemporaneas, 1405-2210, Selective
Estudios Sociologicos, 0185-4186, Selective
Estudos Feministas, 0104-026X, Selective
Ethical Human Sciences and Services, 1523-150X, Priority
Ethics, 0014-1704, Selective
Ethics & International Affairs, 0892-6794, Priority
Ethics, Place and Environment, 1366-879X, Selective
Ethiek en Maatschappij, 1373-0975, Selective
Ethnic and Racial Studies, 0141-9870, Selective
Ethnic Studies Report, 1010-5832, Selective
Ethnicity & Health, 1355-7858, Priority
Ethnography, 1466-1381, Selective
Ethnohistory, 0014-1801, Selective
Ethnology, 0014-1828, Selective
Ethnos, 0014-1844, Selective
Etudes rurales, 0014-2182, Selective
Etudes/Inuit/Studies, 0701-1008, Selective
Europa Ethnica, 0014-2492, Selective
Europe-Asia Studies, 0966-8136, Selective
European History Quarterly, 0265-6914, Selective
European Journal of Communication, 0267-3231, Selective
European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 0928-1371, Selective
European Journal of Cultural Studies, 1367-5494, Selective
The European Journal of Development Research, 0957-8811, Selective
European Journal of Industrial Relations, 0959-6801, Selective
European Journal of International Relations, 1354-0661, Selective
European Journal of Political Economy, 0176-2680, Selective
European Journal of Political Research, 0304-4130, Selective
European Journal of Population/Revue europeenne de demographie, 0168-6577, Selective
European Journal of Public Health, 1101-1262, Selective
European Journal of Social Psychology, 0046-2772, Selective
European Journal of Social Quality, 1461-7919, Selective
European Journal of Social Theory, 1368-4310, Selective
European Journal of Social Work, 1369-1457, Core
The European Journal of Women's Studies, 1350-5068, Selective
European Planning Studies, 0965-4313, Selective
European Review, 1062-7987, Selective
European Sociological Review, 0266-7215, Selective
Evaluation, 1356-3890, Selective
Evaluation and Program Planning, 0149-7189, Selective
Evaluation Review, 0193-841X, Selective
Evolution and Human Behavior, 1090-5138, Selective

Facta Universitatis: Series Philosophy and Sociology, 0354-4648, Selective
Families in Society, 1044-3894, Core
Family & Community Health, 0160-6379, Selective
Family & Community History, 1463-1180, Selective
Family Court Review, 1531-2445, Selective
The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 1066-4807, Priority
Family Matters, 1030-2646, Selective
Family Preservation Journal, 1085-0430, Core
Family Process, 0014-7370, Priority
Family Relations, 0197-6664, Priority
Family Therapy, 0091-6544, Priority
Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin, Selective
Feminism & Psychology, 0959-3535, Selective
Feminist Economics, 1354-5701, Selective
Feminist Legal Studies, 0966-3622, Selective
Feminist Review, 0141-7789, Selective
Feminist Theory, 1464-7001, Selective
Fenomenologia e Societa, 0394-2759, Selective
Fermentum: Revista Venezolana de Sociologia y Antropologia, 0798-3069, Selective
Field Methods, 1525-822X, Selective
Focaal - European Journal of Anthropology, 0920-1297, Selective
Foresight, 1463-6689, Selective
Forschungsjournal Neue Soziale Bewegungen, 0933-9361, Selective
Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology, 0736-9182, Selective
French Politics, Culture & Society, 0882-1267, Selective
Frontieres, 1180-3479, Selective
The Future of Children, 1054-8289, Priority
Futures, 0016-3287, Selective
Futuribles, 0337-307X, Selective

Gazette, 0016-5492, Selective
Gender and Development, 1355-2074, Selective
Gender and Education, 0954-0253, Selective
Gender & History, 0953-5233, Selective
Gender Issues, 1098-092X, Selective
Gender & Society, 0891-2432, Selective
Gender, Place and Culture, 0966-369X, Selective
Gender, Technology and Development, 0971-8524, Selective
Gender, Work and Organization, 0968-6673, Selective
Generations, 0738-7806, Priority
Geneses: Sciences sociales et histoire, 1155-3219, Selective
Geoforum, 0016-7185, Selective
The Geographical Bulletin, 0731-3292, Selective
The George Washington Law Review, 0016-8076, Selective
German Studies Review, 0149-7952, Selective
The Gerontologist, 0016-9013, Priority
Gerontology & Geriatrics Education, 0270-1960, Selective
Global Change, Peace & Security, 1478-1158, Selective
Global Governance, 1075-2846, Selective
Global Networks, 1470-2266, Selective
Global Society, 1360-0826, Selective
Government and Opposition, 0017-257X, Selective
Great Plains Research, 1052-5165, Selective
Great Plains Sociologist, 0896-0054, Selective
Group Analysis, 0533-3164, Selective
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 1368-4302, Selective
Groupwork, 0951-824X, Priority
Grus, 0107-0495, Selective
Guru Nanak Journal of Sociology, 0970-0242, Selective

Habitat International, 0197-3975, Selective
Haerbin Gongye Daxue Xuebao (Shehui Kexue Ban)/Journal of the Harbin Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition), 1009-1971, Selective
Hagar: International Social Science Review, 1565-3323, Selective
Hallym International Journal of Aging, 1535-6523, Selective
Han'guk Sahoehak/Korean Journal of Sociology, 1225-0120, Selective
The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 1081-180X, Selective
Hastings Center Report, 0093-0334, Selective
Health Affairs, 0278-2715, Selective
Health Care for Women International, 0739-9332, Selective
Health and Human Rights, 1079-0969, Selective
Health & Place, 1353-8292, Selective
Health Policy and Planning, 0268-1080, Selective
Health Promotion International, 0957-4824, Selective
Health & Social Care in the Community, 0966-0410, Priority
Health & Social Work, 0360-7283, Core
Health, Risk & Society, 1369-8575, Priority
Health:, 1363-4593, Selective
Higher Education Quarterly, 0951-5224, Selective
Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 0739-9863, Selective
Histoire sociale/Social History, 0018-2257, Selective
Historia, Antropologia y Fuentes Orales, 1136-1700, Selective
Historia, Ciencias, Saude -- Manguinhos, 0104-5970, Selective
Historical Materialism, 1465-4466, Selective
Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung, 0172-6404, Selective
History, 0018-2648, Selective
The History of the Family, 1081-602X, Selective
History of European Ideas, 0191-6599, Selective
History of the Human Sciences, 0952-6951, Selective
Home Health Care Management & Practice, 1084-8223, Selective
Home Health Care Services Quarterly, 0162-1424, Priority
Homicide Studies, 1088-7679, Selective
Homines, 0252-8908, Selective
L'Homme, 0439-4216, Selective
Hong Kong Journal of Social Work, 0219-2462, Core
Housing Studies, 0267-3037, Selective
The Howard Journal of Communications, 1064-6175, Selective
Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 0265-5527, Selective
Human Affairs, 1210-3055, Selective
Human Biology, 0018-7143, Selective
Human Communication Research, 0360-3989, Selective
Human Ecology, 0300-7839, Selective
Human Ecology Review, 1074-4827, Selective
Human Mosaic, 0018-7240, Selective
Human Nature, 1045-6767, Selective
Human Organization, 0018-7259, Selective
Human Relations, 0018-7267, Selective
Human Rights Quarterly, 0275-0392, Selective
Human Studies, 0163-8548, Selective
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Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 0096-882X, Selective
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Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 1079-5014, Selective
Judicature, 0022-5800, Selective
Justice Quarterly, 0741-8825, Selective

Kakovostna starost, 1408-869X, Priority
Kazoku Shakaigaku Kenkyu/Japanese Journal of Family Sociology, 0916-328X, Selective
Knowledge and Society, Selective
Kolner Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 0023-2653, Selective
Kriminologija & socijalna integracija, 1330-2604, Selective
Kultursoziologie, 0941-343X, Selective
Kyoiku-shakaigaku Kenkyu/The Journal of Educational Sociology, 0387-3145, Selective

Labor History, 0023-656X, Selective
Labor Studies Journal, 0160-449X, Selective
Labour, 1121-7081, Selective
LABOUR Capital and Society/TRAVAIL Capital et Societe, 0706-1706, Selective
Labour & Industry, 1030-1763, Selective
Langage & Societe, 0181-4095, Selective
Language Problems & Language Planning, 0272-2690, Selective
Language in Society, 0047-4045, Selective
Law and Contemporary Problems, 0023-9186, Selective
Law and Critique, 0957-8536, Selective
Law and Human Behavior, 0147-7307, Selective
Law and Philosophy, 0167-5249, Selective
Law & Policy, 0265-8240, Selective
Law & Social Inquiry, 0897-6546, Selective
Law & Society Review, 0023-9216, Selective
Legal and Criminological Psychology, 1355-3259, Selective
Leisure Studies, 0261-4367, Selective
Liverpool Law Review, 0144-932X, Selective
Ljetopis studijskog centra socijalnog rada, 1330-6456, Core
Loisir et Societe/Society and Leisure, 0705-3436, Selective
Loyola Journal of Social Sciences, 0971-4960, Selective

Maatskaplike Werk/Social Work, 0037-8054, Core
Mana, 0104-9313, Selective
MARGEM, 0103-8915, Selective
Marriage & Family Review, 0149-4929, Priority
Mass Communication & Society, 1520-5436, Selective
Media, Culture & Society, 0163-4437, Selective
Men and Masculinities, 1097-184X, Selective
Mens & Maatschappij, 0025-9454, Selective
Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 1367-4676, Selective
Metapolitica, 1405-4558, Selective
Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, 0742-9797, Selective
Michigan Sociological Review, Selective
Middle Eastern Studies, 0026-3206, Selective
Migracijske i etnicke teme, 1333-2546, Selective
Migraciones, 1138-5774, Selective
Migration, 0721-2887, Selective
The Milbank Quarterly, 0887-378X, Selective
Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 0305-8298, Selective
Minerva, 0026-4695, Selective
Mobilization: An International Journal, 1086-671X, Selective
MOCT-MOST, 1120-7388, Selective
Modern Asian Studies, 0026-749X, Selective
Modern China, 0097-7004, Selective
Monthly Review, 0027-0520, Selective
Mortality, 1357-6275, Selective
Mosaico: Revista de Ciencias Sociais, 1516-6392, Selective

National Identities, 1460-8944, Selective
National Journal of Sociology, 0892-4287, Selective
National Political Science Review, 0896-629X, Selective
Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 1353-7113, Selective
Nationalities Papers, 0090-5992, Selective
Nations and Nationalism, 1354-5078, Selective
Nature, Society, and Thought, 0890-6130, Selective
Negotiation Journal, 0748-4526, Selective
The Netherlands' Journal of Social Sciences, 0038-0172, Selective
New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 1520-3247, Selective
New Directions for Evaluation, 1097-6736, Priority
New Economy, 1070-3535, Selective
New Genetics and Society, 1463-6778, Selective
New Global Development, 1080-9716, Priority
New Labor Forum, 1095-7960, Selective
New Literary History, 0028-6087, Selective
New Political Science, 0739-3148, Selective
New Politics, 0028-6494, Selective
The New Social Worker, 1073-7871, Priority
New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, 1048-2911, Selective
New Village: Building Sustainable Cultures, 1525-4305, Selective
Nomadic Peoples, 0822-7942, Selective
Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 1048-6682, Selective
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 0899-7640, Selective
Nordisk Pedagogik, 0901-8050, Selective
Nordisk Sosialt Arbeid, 0333-1342, Core
Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy, 0883-3648, Selective
Nouvelles Pratiques Sociales, 0843-4468, Priority
Novos Estudos CEBRAP, 0101-3300, Selective
Nueva Antropologia, 0185-0636, Selective
NWSA Journal, 1040-0656, Selective

Omega - Journal of Death and Dying, 0030-2228, Selective
Opiniao Publica, 0104-6276, Selective
Organization, 1350-5084, Selective
Organization & Environment, 1086-0266, Selective
Organization Studies, 0170-8406, Selective
Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Soziologie, 1011-0070, Selective
Oxford Studies in Comparative Education, 0961-2149, Selective

Papers: Revista de sociologia, 0210-2862, Selective
Parliamentary Affairs, 0031-2290, Selective
Party Politics, 1354-0688, Selective
Past and Present, 0031-2746, Selective
Patterns of Prejudice, 0031-322X, Selective
Peabody Journal of Education, 0161-956X, Selective
Peace and Conflict Studies, 1082-7307, Selective
Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 1078-1919, Selective
Peace Review, 1040-2659, Selective
Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 1468-1366, Selective
Perfiles Latinoamericanos, 0188-7653, Selective
Peripherie, 0173-184X, Selective
Personal Relationships, 1350-4126, Selective
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 0146-1672, Selective
Personality and Social Psychology Review, 1088-8683, Selective
Perspectivas, 0101-3459, Selective
Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, 1569-1500, Selective
Perspectives on Labour and Income, 0840-8750, Selective
Perspectives on Social Problems, 1047-0905, Priority
Peuples Mediterraneens/Mediterranean Peoples, 0399-1253, Selective
Philippine Journal of Public Administration, 0031-7675, Selective
Philippine Sociological Review, 0031-7810, Selective
Philosophy & Public Affairs, 0048-3915, Selective
Philosophy & Social Criticism, 0191-4537, Selective
Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 0048-3931, Selective
Policing & Society, 1043-9463, Priority
Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 1363-951X, Selective
Policy & Politics, 0305-5736, Selective
Policy & Practice, 1520-801X, Selective
Policy Sciences, 0032-2687, Selective
Policy Studies, 0144-2872, Selective
Policy Studies Journal, 0190-292X, Selective
Polis, 1120-9488, Selective
Polish Sociological Review, 1231-1413, Selective
Politica y Sociedad, 1130-8001, Selective
Political Behavior, 0190-9320, Selective
Political Communication, 1058-4609, Selective
Political Power and Social Theory, 0198-8719, Selective
The Political Quarterly, 0032-3179, Selective
Political Science, 0032-3187, Selective
Political Science Quarterly, 0032-3195, Selective
Political Studies, 0032-3217, Selective
Political Theory, 0090-5917, Selective
Politics, 0263-3957, Selective
Politics and the Life Sciences, 0730-9384, Selective
Politics & Society, 0032-3292, Selective
Politikon, 0258-9346, Selective
Politique et Societes, 1203-9438, Selective
Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 0032-3470, Selective
Population and Development Review, 0098-7921, Selective
Population and Environment, 0199-0039, Selective
Population Research and Policy Review, 0167-5923, Selective
Population Studies, 0032-4728, Selective
Portularia: Revista de Trabajo Social, 1578-0236, Core
Possibles, 0703-7139, Selective
Postcolonial Studies, 1368-8790, Selective
Practice (UK), 0950-3153, Core
The Prison Journal, 0032-8855, Selective
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 0003-049X, Selective
Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education, 1097-4911, Core
Progress in Human Geography, 0309-1325, Selective
Prometheus, 0810-9028, Selective
Protosociology, 0940-4147, Selective
Przeglad Socjologiczny, 0033-2356, Selective
Psicologia em Estudo, 1413-7372, Selective
Psicologia Politica, 1138-0853, Selective
Psicologia: Teoria e Pratica, 1516-3687, Selective
Psychoanalytic Social Work, 1522-8878, Core
Psychology of Women Quarterly, 0361-6843, Selective
Psychotropes, 1245-2092, Selective
Public Administration and Development, 0271-2075, Selective
Public Choice, 0048-5829, Selective
Public Culture, 0899-2363, Selective
The Public Interest, 0033-3557, Selective
Public Opinion Quarterly, 0033-362X, Selective
Publius, 0048-5950, Selective
Punishment & Society, 1462-4745, Selective

Quaderni di Sociologia, 0033-4952, Selective
Qualitative Health Research, 1049-7323, Selective
Qualitative Inquiry, 1077-8004, Selective
Qualitative Research, 1468-7941, Selective
Qualitative Social Work, 1473-3250, Core
Qualitative Sociology, 0162-0436, Selective
Quality and Quantity, 0033-5177, Selective
Quarterly Journal of Speech, 0033-5630, Selective

Race & Class, 0306-3968, Selective
Race, Ethnicity and Education, 1361-3324, Selective
Race, Gender & Class, 1082-8354, Selective
Radical History Review, 0163-6545, Selective
Radical Philosophy, 0300-211X, Selective
Raison Presente, 0033-9075, Selective
Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, 0486-0349, Selective
Rationality and Society, 1043-4631, Selective
Recherches feministes, 0838-4479, Selective
Recherches Sociographiques, 0034-1282, Selective
Recherches Sociologiques, 0771-677X, Selective
Reclaiming Children and Youth: Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Problems, 1089-5701, Selective
Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 1080-0220, Core
Refuge: Canada's Periodical on Refugees, 0229-5113, Selective
Refugee Survey Quarterly, 1020-4067, Selective
Regional Development Dialogue, 0250-6505, Selective
Regional Development Studies (RDS), 1020-3060, Selective
Regional and Federal Studies, 1359-7566, Selective
Regional Studies, 0034-3404, Selective
Relaciones Internacionales, 0185-0814, Selective
Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations, 0034-379X, Selective
Religion and American Culture, 1052-1151, Selective
Religion and the Social Order, 1061-5210, Selective
Religion, State & Society, 0963-7494, Selective
Religioni e Societa, 0394-9397, Selective
Reproductive Health Matters, 0968-8080, Priority
Res Publica, 0486-4700, Selective
Research on Aging, 0164-0275, Priority
Research in Community and Mental Health, 0192-0812, Priority
Research in Community Sociology, 1058-5028, Selective
Research on Democracy and Society, Selective
Research in Economic Anthropology, 0190-1281, Selective
Research in Human Social Conflict, Selective
Research on Language and Social Interaction, 0835-1813, Selective
Research in Political Sociology, 0895-9935, Selective
Research in Politics and Society, Selective
Research in Race and Ethnic Relations, 0195-7449, Selective
Research in Rural Sociology and Development, 1057-1922, Selective
Research on Russia and Eastern Europe, 1095-435X, Selective
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, 0163-786X, Selective
Research in Social Policy, Priority
Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, 0196-1152, Selective
Research in Social Science and Disability, 1479-3547, Selective
Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 1046-8064, Selective
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 0276-5624, Selective
Research on Social Work Practice, 1049-7315, Core
Research in the Sociology of Health Care, 0275-4959, Selective
Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 0733-558X, Selective
Research in the Sociology of Work, 0277-2833, Selective
Research in Urban Policy, 1479-3520, Selective
Research in Urban Sociology, 1047-0042, Selective
Residential Treatment for Children & Youth, 0886-571X, Priority
Resources for Feminist Research/Documentation sur la Recherche Feministe, 0707-8412, Selective
Rethinking Marxism, 0893-5696, Selective
Retraite et Societe, 1167-4687, Selective
Review, 0147-9032, Selective
Review of African Political Economy, 0305-6244, Selective
The Review of Black Political Economy, 0034-6446, Selective
Review of Human Factor Studies, 1023-3474, Selective
Review of International Political Economy, 0969-2290, Selective
The Review of Policy Research, 1541-132X, Selective
Review of Political Economy, 0953-8259, Selective
Review of Religious Research, 0034-673X, Selective
Review of Social Economy, 0034-6764, Selective
Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies (RURDS), 0917-0553, Selective
Revija za Socijalnu Politiku, 1330-2965, Selective
Revija za Sociologiju, 0350-154X, Selective
Revista Academica para el Estudio de las Religiones, Selective
Revista de Antropologia, 0034-7701, Selective
Revista de Antropologia Social, 1131-558X, Selective
Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Sociais, 0102-6909, Selective
Revista Brasileira de Crescimento e Desenvolvimento Humano, 0104-1282, Selective
Revista Brasileira de Saude Materno Infantil, 1519-3829, Selective
Revista de Ciencias Humanas, 0101-9589, Selective
Revista de Ciencias Sociales, 0482-5276, Selective
Revista Critica de Ciencias Sociais, 0254-1106, Selective
Revista Espanola de Investigaciones Sociologicas, 0210-5233, Selective
Revista de Estudios Sociales, 0123-885X, Selective
Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe/European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies,
0924-0608, Selective
Revista IDEA de la Facultad de Ciencias de Humanas, 0327-2788, Selective
Revista Internacional de Sociologia, 0034-9712, Selective
Revista Latinamericana de Estudios Avanzados, 1316-0486, Selective
Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Politicas y Sociales, 0185-1918, Selective
Revista Mexicana de Sociologia, 0188-2503, Selective
Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica/Pan American Journal of Public Health, 1020-4989, Selective
Revista Paraguaya de Sociologia, 0035-0354, Selective
Revista Romana de Sociologie, 1224-9262, Selective
Revista de Sociologia e Politica, 0104-4478, Selective
Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie, 0770-1055, Selective
Revue d'Economie Regionale et Urbaine, 0180-7307, Selective
Revue francaise de Sociologie, 0035-2969, Selective
La Revue du MAUSS, 1247-4819, Selective
Revue des Sciences Sociales, 0336-1578, Selective
Revue Tiers Monde, 0040-7356, Selective
Riron to Hoho/Sociological Theory and Methods, 0913-1442, Selective
RS, Cuadernos de Realidades Sociales, 0302-7724, Selective
Rural Social Work, 1321-6627, Core
Rural Society, 1037-1656, Selective
Rural Sociology, 0036-0112, Selective

Sahara J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS/Journal de Aspects Sociaux du VIH/SIDA, 1729-0376, Priority
Sbornik Praci Filosoficke Fakulty Brnenske University: Rada
Socialnevedna/Series Sociologica, 1211-6815, Selective
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 0031-3831, Selective
Scandinavian Political Studies, 0080-6757, Selective
Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Soziologie/Revue Suisse de Soziologie/Swiss Journal of Sociology, 0379-3664, Selective
Science Communication, 1075-5470, Selective
Science & Society, 0036-8237, Selective
Science Studies, 0786-3012, Selective
Science, Technology & Society, 0971-7218, Selective
Les Sciences de l'education pour l'ere nouvelle, 0755-9593, Selective
Sciences Sociales et Sante, 0294-0337, Selective
Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 0036-9292, Selective
Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 0360-0025, Selective
Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 1079-0632, Priority
Sexualities, 1363-4607, Selective
Sexuality & Culture, 1095-5143, Selective
Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of NSRC, 1553-6610, Selective
Shakaigaku Hyoron/Japanese Sociological Review, 0021-5414, Selective
Signs, 0097-9740, Selective
Simmel Studies, 1616-2552, Selective
Sisyphus, 0208-5070, Selective
Small Group Research, 1046-4964, Selective
Smith College Studies in Social Work, 0037-7317, Core
Social Analysis, 0155-977X, Selective
Social Anthropology, 0964-0282, Selective
Social Behavior and Personality, 0301-2212, Selective
Social Biology, 0037-766X, Selective
Social Choice and Welfare, 0176-1714, Selective
Social Cognition, 0278-016X, Selective
Social Compass, 0037-7686, Selective
Social & Cultural Geography, 1464-9365, Selective
Social Development, 0961-205X, Selective
Social Dynamics, 0253-3952, Selective
Social and Economic Studies, 0037-7651, Selective
Social Epistemology, 0269-1728, Selective
Social Forces, 0037-7732, Selective
Social History, 0307-1022, Selective
Social History of Medicine, 0951-631X, Selective
Social Identities, 1350-4630, Selective
Social Indicators Research, 0303-8300, Selective
Social Justice, 1043-1578, Selective
Social Justice Research, 0885-7466, Selective
Social & Legal Studies, 0964-6639, Selective
Social Networks, 0378-8733, Selective
Social Perspectives on Emotion, 1068-3577, Priority
Social Philosophy & Policy, 0265-0525, Selective
Social Policy, 0037-7783, Selective
Social Policy and Administration, 0144-5596, Priority
The Social Policy Journal, 1533-2942, Core
Social Politics, 1072-4745, Selective
Social Problems, 0037-7791, Selective
Social Process in Hawaii, 0737-6871, Selective
Social Psychology of Education, 1381-2890, Selective
Social Psychology Quarterly, 0190-2725, Selective
Social Research, 0037-783X, Selective
Social Science Computer Review, 0894-4393, Selective
Social Science History, 0145-5532, Selective
Social Science Information/Information sur les Sciences Sociales, 0539-0184, Selective
Social Science Japan Journal, 1369-1465, Selective
The Social Science Journal, 0362-3319, Selective
Social Science & Medicine, 0277-9536, Priority
Social Science Quarterly, 0038-4941, Selective
Social Science Research, 0049-089X, Selective
Social Sciences, 0134-5486, Selective
Social Semiotics, 1035-0330, Selective
Social Service Review, 0037-7961, Core
Social Studies of Science, 0306-3127, Selective
Social Text, 0164-2472, Selective
Social Theory and Practice, 0037-802X, Selective
Social Thought & Research, 1094-5830, Selective
Social Work, 0037-8046, Core
Social Work & Christianity, 0737-5778, Core
Social Work Education, 0261-5479, Core
Social Work Forum, 1536-691X, Core
Social Work with Groups, 0160-9513, Core
Social Work in Health Care, 0098-1389, Core
Social Work in Mental Health, 1533-2985, Core
Social Work Research, 1070-5309, Core
Social Work & Social Sciences Review, 0953-5225, Core
Socialism and Democracy, 0885-4300, Selective
Socialna pedagogika, 1408-2942, Priority
Socialno Delo, 0352-7956, Core
Sociedade e Estado, 0102-6992, Selective
Societes, 0765-3697, Selective
Societes Contemporaines, 1150-1944, Selective
Society, 0147-2011, Selective
Society and Natural Resources, 0894-1920, Selective
Society in Transition, 1028-9852, Selective
Socijalna Ekologija, 1330-0113, Selective
Socio-Anthropologie, 1276-8707, Selective
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 0038-0121, Selective
Sociolinguistica, 0933-1883, Selective
Sociologia, 0038-0156, Selective
Sociologia - Problemas e Praticas, 0873-6529, Selective
Sociologia - Slovak Sociological Review, 0049-1225, Selective
Sociologia del Diritto, 0390-0851, Selective
Sociologia Internationalis, 0038-0164, Selective
Sociologia del Lavoro, 0392-5048, Selective
Sociologia e Politiche Sociali, 1591-2027, Selective
Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, 1121-1148, Selective
Sociologia Ruralis, 0038-0199, Selective
Sociologia del Trabajo, 0210-8364, Selective
Sociologica, 0187-0173, Selective
Sociological Bulletin, 0038-0229, Selective
Sociological Focus, 0038-0237, Selective
Sociological Forum, 0884-8971, Selective
Sociological Imagination, 1077-5048, Selective
Sociological Inquiry, 0038-0245, Selective
Sociological Methodology, 0081-1750, Selective
Sociological Methods & Research, 0049-1241, Selective
Sociological Origins, Selective
Sociological Papers, 0793-1069, Selective
Sociological Perspectives, 0731-1214, Selective
The Sociological Quarterly, 0038-0253, Selective
Sociological Research Online, 1360-7804, Selective
The Sociological Review, 0038-0261, Selective
Sociological Spectrum, 0273-2173, Selective
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, 1537-4661, Selective
Sociological Theory, 0735-2751, Selective
Sociological Viewpoints, 1060-0876, Selective
Sociologicky Casopis/Czech Sociological Review, 0038-0288, Selective
Sociologie, 1573-3314, Selective
Sociologie et Societes, 0038-030X, Selective
Sociologie du Travail, 0038-0296, Selective
Sociologija, 0038-0318, Selective
Sociologija sela, 0038-0326, Selective
Sociologisk Forskning, 0038-0342, Selective
Sociology, 0038-0385, Selective
Sociology of Crime, Law, and Deviance, 1521-6136, Selective
Sociology of Education, 0038-0407, Selective
Sociology of Health and Illness, 0141-9889, Selective
Sociology of Religion, 1069-4404, Selective
Sociology of Sport Journal, 0741-1235, Selective
SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, 0217-9520, Selective
Soshioroji, 0584-1380, Selective
Sosiologia, 0038-1640, Selective
Sosiologisk tidsskrift, 0804-0486, Selective
Sotsiologicheskie Issledovaniya, 0132-1625, Selective
Sotsiologicheskiy Zhurnal, 1562-2495, Selective
South Asian Survey, 0971-5231, Selective
South European Society & Politics, 1360-8746, Selective
The Southern Communication Journal, 1041-794X, Selective
Southern Rural Sociology, 0885-3436, Selective
Soziale Systeme, 0948-423X, Selective
Soziologische Revue, 0343-4109, Selective
Space and Culture, 1206-3312, Selective
Sport in Society, 1461-0981, Selective
Sport, Education and Society, 1357-3322, Selective
Studi Emigrazione/Migration Studies, 0039-2936, Selective
Studi di Sociologia, 0039-291X, Selective
Studia Socjologiczne, 0039-3371, Selective
Studies in American Political Development, 0898-588X, Selective
Studies in Communications, 0275-7982, Selective
Studies in Comparative International Development, 0039-3606, Selective
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 1057-610X, Selective
Studies in Family Planning, 0039-3665, Priority
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, 1059-4337, Selective
Studies in Political Economy, 0707-8552, Selective
Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Selective
Studies in Symbolic Interaction, 0163-2396, Selective
Substance Use & Misuse, 1082-6084, Priority
Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 0363-0234, Selective
Symbolic Interaction, 0195-6086, Selective
Szociologiai Szemle, 1216-2051, Selective

Teaching Sociology, 0092-055X, Selective
Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 0040-1625, Selective
Technology and Culture, 0040-165X, Selective
Technology in Society, 0160-791X, Selective
Telos, 0090-6514, Selective
Tempo Social: Revista de Sociologia da USP, 0103-2070, Selective
Teorija in Praksa, 0040-3598, Selective
Theoretical Criminology, 1362-4806, Selective
Theoria (Pietermaritzburg), 0040-5817, Selective
Theory, Culture & Society, 0263-2764, Selective
Theory and Decision, 0040-5833, Selective
Theory and Society, 0304-2421, Selective
Thesis Eleven, 0725-5136, Selective
Third World Quarterly, 0143-6597, Selective
Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv, 1399-1442, Selective
Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, 0040-716X, Selective
Tierra Firme, 0798-2968, Selective
Tijdschrift voor Arbeid en Participatie, 1388-1558, Selective
Tijdschrift voor Sociologie, 0777-883X, Selective
Time & Society, 0961-463X, Selective
The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, 0730-479X, Selective
Toplum ve Bilim, 1300-9354, Selective
Trames, 1406-0922, Selective
Transforming Anthropology, 1051-0559, Selective
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse: A Review Journal, 1524-8380, Priority
Tydskrift vir Geesteswetenskappe, 0041-4751, Selective

Umea Studies in Sociology, 1100-3553, Selective
University of Miami Law Review, 0041-9818, Selective
Urban Affairs Review, 1078-0874, Selective
Urban Anthropology, 0894-6019, Selective
Urban Education, 0042-0859, Selective
Urban History, 0963-9268, Selective
The Urban Review, 0042-0972, Selective
Urban Studies, 0042-0980, Selective

Villanova Law Review, 0042-6229, Selective
Violence and Victims, 0886-6708, Priority
Violence against Women, 1077-8012, Priority
Virginia Social Science Journal, 0507-1305, Selective
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 0957-8765, Priority

Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Diaspora, 1091-5753, Selective
West European Politics, 0140-2382, Selective
The Western Journal of Black Studies, 0197-4327, Selective
Western Journal of Communication, 1057-0314, Selective
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, 0710-0841, Selective
Wisconsin Law Review, 0043-650X, Selective
Women & Criminal Justice, 0897-4454, Selective
Women & Health, 0363-0242, Selective
Women and Language, 8755-4550, Selective
Women & Therapy, 0270-3149, Priority
Women's Health Issues, 1049-3867, Selective
Women's History Review, 0961-2025, Selective
Women's Studies International Forum, 0277-5395, Selective
Women's Studies Quarterly, 0732-1562, Selective
Work, Employment and Society, 0950-0170, Selective
Work and Occupations, 0730-8884, Selective
Work & Stress, 0267-8373, Selective
World Development, 0305-750X, Selective
The World Economy, 0378-5920, Selective
World Policy Journal, 0740-2775, Selective
World Politics, 0043-8871, Selective


Yearbook of Population Research in Finland, 0506-3590, Selective
Yhteiskuntapolitiikka, 1455-6901, Selective
Youth Justice, 1473-2254, Priority
Youth & Policy, 0262-9798, Priority
Youth & Society, 0044-118X, Selective
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 1541-2040, Selective

Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie, 0044-2666, Selective
Zeitschrift fur kritische Theorie, 0945-7313, Selective
Zeitschrift fur Politikwissenschaft, 1430-6387, Selective
Zeitschrift fur Sozial Psychologie, 0044-3514, Selective
Zeitschrift fur Soziologie der Erziehung und Socialisation/Journal for Sociology of Education and Socialization,
1436-1957, Selective
Zeitschrift fur Rechtssoziologie, 0174-0202, Selective
Zeitschrift fur Soziologie, 0340-1804, Selective